February 11, 2008


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High Places by Sucka Pants <www.suckapants.com>
High Places @ Cake Shop in NYC (photo)


2007 is almost over. Has anyone been keeping track of all the best of lists like me? (Um, this guy has.. enabling me to.) While there were of course a number of “big name” indie albums that came out this year, I tried to focus my attention on the horizon, to the emerging and underground bands. Needless to say, there was a lot more going on this year than Battles, Feist, and The Arcade Fire. The underground is thriving in almost every genre and producing some extremely interesting and rewarding music.
With “20 You Missed in 2007,” I’m trying to highlight tracks by smaller bands who I feel are making valuable contributions to independent music. Not every band is “new,” per se, and of course there’s a few you may be familiar with already. But I hope to give you the highlights of my year listening to music.
I would love to hear some feedback, either in the comments or in email (htshell@gmail.com)!

1. Blank Dogs – “Blaring Speeches”
2. Chromatics – “Night Drive”
3. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Precious Rose”
4. Flaspar – “Doom Pendulum”
5 . Gang Gang Dance – “Nicoman”
6. The Harlem Shakes – “Sickos”
7. High Places – “Sandy Feat”
8. Lewis and Clarke – “Blasts of Holy Birth”
9. Lucky Soul – “Struck Dumb”
10. Marnie Stern – “Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”
11. Mika Miko – “Don’t Shake it Off”
12. Nedelle – “Spell the Night Right”
13. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “This Love is Fucking Right!”
14. Pants Yell! – “Two French Sisters”
15. The Private Sea – “Lucifer”
16. Reports – “Radio”
17. Shocking Pinks – “Second Hand Girl”
18. TYVEK – “Needles Drop”
19. White Shoes & the Couples Company – “Nothing to Fear”
20. Yeasayer – “2080”




November 28, 2007

Cancer Benefit for Josh Hutto!

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“Cancer Party” is usually an oxymoron. But, in this case our good friend and fellow Temple student Josh Hutto will be having one to help him fight cancer. If you don’t know Josh, at least you know cancer, and you know we don’t want none uh that!
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I also believe The Neighborhood Choir will be playing, so it may start a bit earlier.
And yes, all of the money is going to help pay for hospital and treatment bills.
You can listen to the bands playing here, if it will further motivate you to attend:
Toy Soldiers
Holly Billaday
The Neighborhood Choir

Be Thurrrrrrrrr!

October 29, 2007

To Match the Mood

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Like many of you, my life must always be matched with an amazing soundtrack. There comes a point every now and then when my iTunes list just ain’t cuttin it and I simply have no idea what to listen to. I am fully aware of my mood, i understand what type of music I want…but the artist names loosely scroll down, unable to reel me in.
The perfect discovery: Musicovery!

This genius mechanism asks you to pinpoint what type of mood you’re in, allows you to focus on a wide range of styles and decades, and finally sends you down a colorful road of the perfect music to fit your soundtrack.

—>Check it.

October 25, 2007

The Greatest Song of All Time: 001. Young Marble Giants ‘Brand – New – Life’

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Welcome to “The Greatest Song of All Time.” With this column, I’ll be highlighting pieces through the ages that fit the mold the deities prescribed. Let’s partake in the sweetest nectar that was given us: SONG.
What’s in a great song? Obviously it’s a bit preposterous to have a recurring column called ‘The Greatest Song of All Time.’ But isn’t music journalism already filled with such ridiculous hyperbole? But more obviously, this column will simply be a platform for me to share my favorite music.
Also, I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the influence for the idea: the sadly no longer updated Greatest Band of All Time, a blog from the Pacific NW written by Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls and Steve Schroeder of States Rights Records.

young marble giants

GSOAT: #001
YEAR: 1980
LINK: here

Since Rough Trade is the Greatest Label of All Time, the Young Marble Giants seem like a fine starting point. While the label has had a great deal of “classic” bands (The Smiths, The Fall, The Go-Betweens, Stiff Little Fingers, Arthur Russell, more recently The Strokes and Belle and Sebastian), Young Marble Giants are indicative of what was and is truly special and revolutionary about Rough Trade.
In February 1980, the label released the band’s only album Colossal Youth. While the rest of the post-punk scene was trying to fuck shit up with dissonant guitars or disco-punk beats, YMG took a much different approach, throwing away all excesses for something soft, focused, and intense. Any of the group’s songs can have no more than four things going at once, because the three-piece played with a simple, boring drum machine behind them.
“Brand – New – Life” starts off with the drum machine that beats straight the whole song, acting as a metronome. Phil Moxham’s straight eighth-note bass plods along throughout the entire song, giving it the right amount of monotony. The vocals and lyrics reflect the monotony of the rhythmn: “When I hear the doorbell ring/I can never let them into me.” It’s a rumination of listlessness and depression, which are not hard to imagine considering the gloomy locale of Cardiff, Wales. The band realized that sometimes more effective statements can be made by what one removes from a song, rather than filling a song with unnecessary elements. Simplicity is beauty.

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