January 28, 2008

Save the Thunderdome!

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This show is supporting local Philadelphia artists and a place for local musicians to be heard. The Thunderdome. A venue completely contrived through the hospitality of the people that live there. They’re kind enough to open their home to traveling bands, friends, and fans of new or unrecognized music. These generous people had $250 stolen from their home so now a couple of local musicians are doing what they can to give back.

The Thunderdome

Jose Diaz

We Were Skeletons

Movable Type

The Neighborhood Choir

DJ John Prisk

I know Cat Power is the same night at the Starlight Ballroom, but you have to weigh out the pro’s and con’s. Cat Power’s show is $22, supposedly her cheapest show while on this tour. The starlight ballroom has terrible sound quality, and the place is set up so you can only really enjoy the show up close with the pushy assholes or far back where you might as well be at home listening to the album. Otherwise, you find yourself looking at the back of someone’s head and maybe getting a glimpse of the band or maybe just a couple of faint glimmers of stage light.

Stop jumping on the band wagon and come support Philadelphia musicians and this local venue/house.




January 9, 2008

Stealing for a Cause

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Starting today, there will be 50 iconic painted fists dispersed throughout our city. Your job is to go out, find one, and then steal it.

These fists will be illegally mounted throughout the city, and the fun part is that you get to go out and illegally steal them.

Really, we’re encouraging it, and so are the artists that made them.

A group of underground artists have worked hard so you can help them liberate art from the gallery and bring it back to the people in its truest form. They’re from a project called LIBER 8 ME by artists in the ME INTERNATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (MiLF). This group of artists, which also stems from West Chester’s RENEGADE ART COALITION, is comprised of people that call themselves “pedestrian art idealists”, and their main purpose is to eliminate the middle-men of galleries and the gallery/buyer status quo apparatus. They’re working to bring art directly from the artists to the people, meaning you.

Today embarks the beginning of their second LIBER 8 ME project, their first had 25 fists which were released in the same fashion in August of 2007. The last of the fists was seen on 9th and Washington, but it finally disappeared sometime in early December. The fist was chosen as MiLF’s icon in these projects, because throughout history the fist has always represented “demand to be heard” in revolutionary idealism. The revolution these artists are asking for is change and beautification in our city. It’s that whole idea, if you have something nice you’ll take care better care of it. It kind of makes me think of Disneyland. Have you ever seen trash on the ground there? They scoop it up right away, and it makes you feel like an ass if you’re the one person that actually decides to litter, because hey, it’s really obvious!

The fists are released today, they’re not giving much detail on when and where, but Center City, Old City, Fishtown, and along E Passeyunk have been mentioned. So go out, enjoy the global warming induced weather, and steal one of these large Masonite fists. You can help make a difference, or just find a really awesome piece of art to decorate your home with.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out like the guerilla marketing promotion for Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s movie in Boston. At least these plywood fists can’t stupidly be mistaken for bombs, but then again I still don’t understand how the Brite Lite looking Moonanite was thought to be behind terrorists.