November 5, 2007


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In her best selling ethnography, My Freshman Year, Rebeka Nathan posits the University experience as a liminal period-between adolescent dependence and adult responsibility, the student negotiates a position for her self vis-a-vis society at large.The magical time allows space for young males to negotiate the ways in which they present themselves to others; I argue that the management of facial hair is crucial to the identity formation of young North American males, as it provides a ready signifier of race, class, cohort, and most importantly masculinity (though I list these categories separately, they are a implicated with and mutually constituted by each other). Furthermore, facial hair can be modified in a variety of ways to fit the expressive needs of the individual.

Masculinity, however, being constructed in a dichotomous opposition that requires the existence of a feminine other, is quite fragile. If a female were, in good spirits, to appropriate your modes of self-signification in order to participate in that festival of (mis)representation that is Halloween, immediate action would be required to prevent the mimesis of a line of fuzz above the female lip feminize the rightful possessor of mustached dudeliness.

My Biggest Fan

Immediate action is necessary to preserve borders between masculinity and femininity. img_0426.jpgimg_0433.jpgimg_0435.jpg



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  1. modestt said,

    Oh no…

    I didn’t mean to offend, or blur the lines determining your masculinity.

  2. salsaramirez said,

    I wasn’t offended as much as shocked that my manliness had been shaken to it’s core. I forgive you.

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