October 23, 2007

You are on Your Own.

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The Right Hook
If you’ve ridden your bike around Philly, you’re probably familiar with an interesting phenomenon. There you are, passing a car on the right and all the sudden…wait a fuckingmoment the fucker is turning right into me!

This 19 year old girl wasn’t lucky enough to give the driver the finger afterwards. No, the driver wasn’t cited. She was in the bike lane, at a red light which, coincidentally, probably also placed here smack dab in the blind spot of the cement truck that crushed her to death.

Earlier this semester, I intentionally crossed an intersection in front of an SUV who decided that since I was on a bike, I didn’t have the right of way. My buddy, who had riding behind me, later informed me that the guys who had called me a “fucking faggot”, later informed me that they were uniformed cops.

I guess this is just a reminder kids. You are on your own, and no level of compliance with stop signs/traffic lights/signaling is guaranteed to keep your ass from being smeared on the asphalt.




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  1. modestt said,

    Jose, I was doored on Sunday on broad. The car was all dark.. no lights.. looked abandoned.

    Can never be too careful these days. I think we should all wear HUGE blinking vests or something, because we can’t compensate for the disregard for bikers/pedestrians that drivers have. Then again, there’s always someone giving bikers a bad rep.. just like there are with drivers and pedestrians. I still have sympathy for everyone.. no matter how they decide to get around.

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