October 23, 2007

Music Videos with Joey

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Greeting from LA for the time being. I really have no idea what to call this music video posting/column of mine so I just wrote that in for now. This Column will feature the best music video’s of the week. Also best music video’s within a theme surrounding seasonal holidays, current events, and just whatever. There will also be reviews on particular videos from time to time. Along with occasional business news and updates. I’ll start things out slow (or wicked fast) with these next 2 videos.

FIRST: Mendetz- Maximo Truffato (with Venessa Incontrada) (Director Unknown) It’s not often that a music video starts out awesome, takes a turn for what you think is the worst, but then for the best… does that make sense? Stick it through this video cause it gets pretty gnarly.

SECOND: Leonard de Leonard – Screaming Dance (Director K+Me)

3 words. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. This video is one of the BADDEST (in a good way) after effects 2-D animation video’s I’ve seen in a while. It comes from a director that goes by K+Me from Tokyo. No wonder why it’s so good


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  1. modestt said,

    Hey joe, I edit a bit so the videos would show up instead of just linking.

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