October 18, 2007

You Should Probably Check Out Making Time This Friday

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erolIf you’re like me, you like free PBR and British DJs who remix Justice, which is why you should be heading to Pure this Friday to see Erol Alkan (along with New Young Pony Club) at this week’s Making Time. 

Evidently, Dave P decided to take September off, but has been back with a vengeance this month with two straight weeks of indiedance.cocainesexjams.whateverthefuckhesays. As always, the free beer is going to run out before you get there, but that’s what you get for being fashionably late.  That’s why I plan on arriving promptly at 9, camping out at the bar, and slugging free PBRs until I’m too drunk to notice that I’m that creepy guy who’s drinking alone and leering at all the girls.

If you need something to sweeten the deal, consider this: when it’s not hosting Making Time, Pure is a members-only gay club, which means it’s cleaner, more sophisticated and way better dressed than your low-class straight dude club.  Also, sometimes it gets drunk and makes out with straight girls, just because it can.  Don’t you hate that? 

Check out Erol on myspace, especially the Waters of Nazareth & Boy From School remixes. 

Party starts at 9 @ 1221 St. James St. $10. 



  1. modestt said,


  2. Leah said,

    I almost pissed my pants laughing at this. Bravo, Scotty.

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