October 17, 2007

What Could Have Been

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 5:21 pm by Tiffany Yoon

For everyone’s entertainment, and my own, here’s a list of what this blog Could have been called:

  • Tastycakes N’ Guns
  • tapthat
  • prettyphilly
  • nofatchicks
  • nofatchicksandnosmall dicks –> (this one also said to make sure there were bracelets that said “NFCANSD”
  • ifyoureuglydontreadthis
  • drugfest
  • whatthecockisthatshit
  • brianjameskirk
  • prettyprettyprincess
  • reincarnatedshamons
  • f
  • phlipflap
  • slipslap
  • 2youngtofuck
  • Phuck
  • Readman
  • InformPhiladelphia
  • TastyPhakes
  • :):):)
  • KingThong
  • PhongSong
  • Philadelphia Horticultural Society

Looking at the results of our first meeting/brainstorm… I think it’s pretty evident we have a pretty interesting staff.



  1. joestak said,

    I’m glad you included 2youngtofuck

  2. scottorwig said,

    I’m still bitter we didn’t go with 2youngtofuck. A real missed opportunity.

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